PSVAC Membership & Training


The heart and soul of Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. (PSVAC) is its dedicated membership. PSVAC is composed of volunteers who donate their time, skills, and experience. Many of our volunteers have begun valuable and rewarding careers, using their PSVAC EMS background as an excellent foundation. PSVAC currently has over 145 active members.

Members come from all walks of life. Some are medical professionals, such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-Bs), paramedics, doctors, etc. Others work in finance, law enforcement, construction, education, business, or are self-employed.

As an organization that operates within New York State and New York City Emergency Medical Service guidelines, PSVAC requires our members to undergo screenings.

Prospective members should be aware of the large time commitment and long period of training needed to become a full-fledged member of PSVAC. Due to the time-consuming training and membership initiation process, much greater consideration will be given to people who are willing to remain as a year-round member of our organization on a permanent basis.


Serious consideration for membership as will be given only to those who fulfill the following three requirements:

1. Have a valid and current NYS EMT Card, or are currently enrolled in an EMT-B or EMT-P program.

2. Have a completed PSVAC medical clearance form filled by your primary medical doctor. Please see the following link below.

 3. Completed online FEMA training for ICS-700, ICS-100, ICS-200 and have valid certificates of completion.

All new members participate in a rigorous, closely monitored training program. A new member orientation serves to introduce members to PSVAC operations, rules and regulations, and the various areas of the service. New members enter a probationary status and a mentoring relationship with selected experienced personnel, who are responsible for their day-to-day training. 

Member progress is monitored by the senior officers, who ensure members are learning and performing at appropriate levels. When members demonstrate that they have acquired and are proficient in specific skills, they are promoted to full status in that particular area, such as Dispatch Communications, Apparatus Operations, Patient Care Technician, and Crew Chief. When openings exist, the Chief and President will promote qualified, experienced personnel who have demonstrated exceptional skills, management qualities, and dedication to the rank of Lieutenant or Captain. Officers are in an ideal position to track membership retention and attrition, adjusting techniques and training methodology to meet the needs of the new membership, as well as retaining existing or long-term membership.

PSVAC does not provide full EMT-B or EMT-P training for state certification. If you are looking for a state-qualified EMS training and certification course, visit:

Per Federal, State, Regional, and Agency requirements, annual refresher re-certification is achieved through lectures, skills evaluation, and testing. PSVAC and other agencies provide instructors and track all members via databases to ensure all members hold current certifications and are re-certified prior to license expiration. In addition, as new or updated federal, state, and regional protocols are released, PSVAC distributes updates to all members in the form of lectures, emails, and electronic and hard-copy format materials. PSVAC also incorporates regular training and practice sessions into regular tours of duty and at monthly membership meetings.

PSVAC Membership Application

PSVAC Membership Application Link

PSVAC Medical Clearance Form

PSVAC Medical Form (pdf)