How do I contact Park Slope Volunteer  Ambulance Corps (PSVAC)?

Our Emergency Hotline is: 718.398.9111.

For non-emergencies, please see the contact us page.

Are PSVAC's members medically trained?

Yes, every member that rides on a PSVAC ambulance and provides patient care is a certified New York State Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B or higher). Our members are highly trained medical personnel capable of responding to a wide range of emergency situations. In addition to state training, members receive ongoing proprietary training from PSVAC's training programs.

Do members really volunteer for free at PSVAC?


Will I be charged for a PSVAC ambulance ride?

PSVAC offers its services to community members regardless of ability to pay.  If you have insurance, we will send a request to your insurance company for reimbursement, to help sustain our ongoing operations.

Who volunteers at PSVAC?

Members come from all walks of life. Some are medical professionals, such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B), paramedics, and doctors. Other members work in law, finance, construction, education, business, law enforcement, or are self-employed.

How do I join PSVAC as a member?

To find out how to join PSVAC as a member, please either call us at 718.398.4500, email us at, or visit the membership and training page.

Do I have to live in Park Slope or be a certified EMT to join PSVAC as a member?

No.  Members come from far and wide to volunteer with PSVAC. If you are not a certified EMT, you can help with one of our many administrative support roles. In addition, PSVAC can sometimes assist members in gaining NYS EMT-B certification.

How can I make a donation to PSVAC?

Please visit the our donate page. PSVAC runs on private donations and public support. Please feel free to contact us for more information.