Emergency Line (718) 398-9111

Emergency Line (718) 398-9111

Emergency Line (718) 398-9111Emergency Line (718) 398-9111Emergency Line (718) 398-9111


Park Slope Volunteer Corps (PSVAC) is part of the FDNY EMS mutual aid 911 system during the COVID-19 pandemic. The FDNY has acknowledged that the assistance of NYC volunteer squads has made a positive impact on the 911 call volume in the City. 

Because PSVAC offers medical services to community members regardless of the ability to pay, the Corps relies heavily on public and private donations to operate. Donations are critical to purchase medical equipment, supplies, and to maintain ambulances. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, donations, medical equipment, and supplies are critical.

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Park Slope volunteer Ambulance Corps

emergency Line: (718) 398-9111

PSVAC would like to hear from you. Whether it’s a question, a compliment about one of our EMTs, a request for service, or to become a member, please contact us. PSVAC has an excellent team of EMTs, providing the best, cost-effective services available.  

Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Corps

117 14th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215, United States

Non-Emergency: 718.398.4500 or inquiries@psvac.org Mailing Address: P.O. Box 150210, Brooklyn, NY 11215